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The annual report is online!

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Eighteen years after its creation, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS is renewing itself, challenging the analyses and multiplying its actions in the field to defend a Europe of solidarity and sustainability. Its motto has become: Understand, Connect and Support to Act! Discover all the actions accomplished by the think & do tank throughout 2020, the year of all solidarities!

What can we say about this year, other than respect and thanks to those women and men who throughout these months have continued to collect rubbish, clean offices, drive children to school and workers to their place of work, fill the shelves with our favourite foods, provide us with care, physical and mental comfort...

When we argue for a paradigm shift, it is in relation to these often discredited, increasingly feminised and certainly poorly paid jobs! All of these CARE functions, those who take care of us, our health, our hygiene, our children, our ability to be mobile, have been taken out of the shadows with no guarantee of improving their situations. Not to mention the culture, which we have dismissed as a non-essential function!

On the other hand, and with an optimistic outlook, this pandemic has shown us our capacity to re-invent ourselves, to modify our lifestyles, work and consumption patterns, paving the way for the indispensable economic and social transition that the climate, financial and now health crises are forcing upon us. But these changes will only take root if we take the time to measure their consequences and adapt them for the betterment of all. A fine programme in prospect!

POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS is fully involved in this essential reflection and is also making a transition! Not in its fundamentals, but in the way it makes transformative action possible. We present you our new red thread: Understand, Connect and Accompany to Act!

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In solidarity, yours,

Françoise Kemajou & Denis Stokkink