The European digital third place has launched its first tools and programmes

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

That's it, the European digital third place HOPE IN US has published the first tools and programmes of its Web TV. Discover them and join the HOPE IN US community!

Tools... such as "Duolingo", which allows you to learn languages for free in a fun way, "Weward", which is a good incentive to get around on foot, or "YouTube subtitling", which makes videos more accessible because they are translated into other languages. For each of the tools, there is a corresponding fact sheet to discover its use and interest and to follow tutorials and video testimonials to be able to learn and use it step by step.

...and Web TV shows such as "Back to back" to discover the jobs of nursing assistant and nurse, "L'interview canap" (Couch interview) with the architect Jean-Philippe Dat-Sénac, "Cap un jour, cap toujours... et toi?" (Once capable, always capable... and you?) with Alexandra and Jean-Louis, or "Ma première fois avec" (My first time with) the Excel software by Anne. Hosted on Youtube, these Web TV programmes can be used as an educational tool.

For the HOPE IN US community, the global health crisis is seen as an opportunity to enter into a process of resilience and hope, taking care of oneself and others, building with others and for all, so that the experiences of some enrich those of others. This is why, within the framework of this European project HOPE IN US, the French, Spanish and Belgian partners have created a digital community, designed according to the principle of third places. "Third places" are spaces where different publics meet and where one can share, work, contribute, train and exchange.

This European digital third place is created as a complement to existing third places throughout Europe, so that all European actors and citizens can be contributors and/or beneficiaries. In this online space, accessible in several languages, the HOPE IN US community provides multiple tools, methods and testimonies to enable the arts and culture sector to invent new methods of creation, dissemination and mediation, as well as to help the adult and youth training sector to go beyond the logic of learning to invent more interactive teaching formats.

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