access assisting carers for cooperative services to seniors

Assisting Carers for CooperativE Services to Seniors: ACCESS

European project
September 2013 to August 2016

ACCESS (Assisting Carers for CooperativE Services to Seniors) aims to develop a communication platform between all key actors and stakeholders (older persons, families, homes carers, nurses, etc.) to encourage the sharing of information but also access to various services and applications.

The information on the older people at home is currently not effectively shared among older persons, family members, caregivers, nurses. We are witnessing a real need for regular information sharing, in order to identify changes in situations and tailor caregivers’ interventions accordingly. Given these needs, the project ACCESS aims to develop and evaluate an easy and permanent communication system to share data between older people and their stakeholders, through an innovative technological application.

ACCESS proposes to improve the quality of life for older persons and their caregivers in their daily lives, by applying new technology.


Main steps of the ACCESS project

The European project ACCESS is initially developed and tested in three project countries: Belgium, France and Italy.

ACCESS develops an existing software platform connecting the older persons and the formal and informal carers by a computer, smartphone or tablet, and extends the platform with new services and functions. The system allows the management of visits, calls and daily activities. Also, it reminds older people what to do (taking the pills, exercises, etc.), enable the exchange of messages, documents, and enable access to proxy services (transport, shopping, etc.). In addition, the platform is connected to sensors and medical equipment (weight, blood pressure, etc.) and alerts caregivers in case of problems. The app development is based on demand and specific context of each country involved, providing a range of adaptable services. The development will be based on demand and specific context of each country (Belgium, Italy and France), providing a range of adaptable services.

Two hundred older people and carers will be involved in the development and testing of the platform. The expected results are the development and testing of the software platform able to support informal and formal caregivers, particularly the management of activities of daily living at home.

Once the modelling work is completed and once the technical aspects at industrial level are validated, the ACCESS system is intended to be marketed across Europe. Partnerships will be offered to professional organisations of caregivers, associations of older people, senior public health agencies, insurance companies, and various European networks involved in the identification of new partners throughout Europe.


Project partners

The project is supported by the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme.

The project implementation is carried out by:


ACCESS in short

  • Analysis of users' needs and services
  • Development of the technology of the platform ACCESS
  • Recruitment of 200 seniors and their carers, and experimentations of the platform
  • Follow-up and evaluation of experimentations
  • Final conference in Brussels, 30 August 2016 (Amazone, Rue du Méridien 10)


Sanjin Plakalo